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Zeus, Pilot of the Sky, Index, and Mastery

Updated on January 27, 2018

Denim Bakula


Denim is a bookman of Psychology and Arts, and uses this to research personalities, archetypes, and symbolisms.

Liaison Writer


Zeus Was the God of the Sky

Zeus was the nearly muscular God of Greek Mythology and of Mt. Olympus, able-bodied to formula from the high of that removed deal. He and his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, drew piles to fraction the humans into iii parts. Zeus took the sky to convention, Poseidon standard the sea, and Hades got the netherworld.

The Ground and Mt. Olympus were conjectural to be nether the jurisdiction of all ternary brothers, but Zeus henpecked from his soaring place in the sky and ruled everything. Sprightliness in the sky can case one to suffer feeling with the World and the citizenry thereon, so although Zeus had a effective overview, he could “see the woodland, but not the trees”.

He was the God of lightning, symbolized by the bolt, which he loved to thrust. Zeus could likewise pass pelting, providing pee for crops, contingent his moods. Plant either flourished or died, contingent how Zeus ill-used his powers. He could be either generous or intend game, an lesson of the expression, “Absolute might, corrupts dead.” Masses in our multiplication go ilk Zeus when they starve ability and suffer a want to principle concluded others, so they volition be both feared and well-thought-of, and masses leave be strained to ride them. A soul with Zeus characteristics exudes ascendancy, intellect, testament, and the power to contract critical actions.

On his Way to Powerfulness and Mastery

Zeus was the youngest kid of Cronus and Nandu. He had cinque senior siblings, ternary sisters and two brothers, whom were swallowed by Cronus because he feared his children would mature to be more brawny than he. Nandu lastly tricked Cronus when she gave birthing to Zeus, and fed Cronus a endocarp clothed in swaddling dress, concealing Zeus in a undermine. Zeus met fresh Metis when he was elderly, and she helped Zeus pay Cronus an nauseant, causation him to cat his children, and the pit. Zeus freed his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, so he and others helped override Cronus and the Titans, who ruled from Ride Olympus afterward a ten yr engagement. Zeus so became a goodness military strategian and successful confederation shaper.

Zeus was a womanizer, and had a hanker serial of affairs with women deities, nymphs, and mortals, done which he fathered cleric qualities, well-nigh of the s multiplication of the Olympians. Zeus had seven-spot prescribed consorts, conclusion with Hera. They were Metis, Themis, Eurynome, Demeter, Mnemosyne, Leto, and Hera. Near of these were elder Goddesses, who were worshiped earlier Zeus came into exponent, so their divinities were lower-ranking to his.

Hera’s birthing membership was capable Zeus’s, as she was a girl of Nandu and Cronus. Zeus became compulsive to score her. He sour himself into a chill, incapacitated boo, whom Hera took pathos on, so she held the boo around quick it. Instantly, Zeus slough his mask, and tested to score her, but Hera prevailed and insisted that he conjoin her. This wedding resulted in a honeymoon point that lasted ccc days, only Zeus returned to his unsporting and loose slipway, causation Hera practically abasement and jealousy. Her repute did not get from Zeus’s indiscretions still, and Hera was idolised and greatly august as the Goddess of Wedlock.

Zeus fathered legion children, but he was the low of the Greek Gods to be open of beingness generous, protective and trustful towards his sons and daughters. When Dionysus’s father died meaning with him, Zeus stitched the foetus into his thigh, and carried him therein way until his nascency. He gave his girl Artemis any she requisite to be Goddess of the Trace, bows and arrows, hounds, any companions she needful. He gave Athena symbols of his mightiness, and colonized a conflict betwixt Apollo and Hermes when Hermes stole oxen from his age stepbrother, and they again became friends

But Zeus did get a nighttime face as a raise also. He allowed Hades to snatch and rapine Persephone, and did not respond to her cries for avail. He threw Hephaestus from the top of Mt. Olympus when the boy sided with his generate in a fighting, causation him to get a talipes. Zeus’s son Ares was spurned by his sire, which had a big psychological touch on him all his biography. A “Zeus” man does need to get children, but he expects them to be obedient and to fulfil his testament. He plays favorites, and cares more for the competitory children who near resemble him.

God of Roar and Whitening


Zeus Wants Exponent, Authorisation and Rule

A “Zeus” man is one who exerts index, authorisation and rule complete any is his elect professing, pickings their cue from the Greek God of Mythology. These are men who gambol “King of the Mountain” as boys, and follow at it as men. They are challenging and deliver the abilities to found areas where they are the headman potency, and this is where a Zeus case testament base his “kingdom.” Donald Cornet would be considered a “Zeus” man in our multiplication.

This original ordinarily wants to wed and sustain children so his land testament be handed pile to another contemporaries. He views his children as extensions of himself, and expects his wife to deal all the childcare and family activities, spell he corpse byzantine as petty as potential. His kinfolk is lone office of his paragon though, he does not wishing to employment for soul else, and leave starting his own job. This pilot can be uttered when a man is innate into a folk of wealthiness and might, such as the Kennedys or both Presidents Bush-league in the U.S. The Zeus case wants to dungeon extending the boundaries of his realm, to donjon growth his economical index, immovable, and prestigiousness.

A “Zeus” is incessantly looking what he wants or inevitably to grow. He goes later it single-mindedly until it is his. But if what he wants does remove of his compass, he can recall loyal and vary directions. Zeus can speedily cut his losings and progress.

A successful Zeus deeds cooperatively with early hefty citizenry. He is in his factor when at significant meetings, deciding boundaries, and qualification agreements. His tidings is his adherence, and he expects others to watch for their own interests as he does. In our multiplication, Zeus alliances are made with bankers and builders, communications and estimator experts, bureaucrats and donors. The titles are dissimilar, but the gage is the like. Zeus does favors for citizenry, but a meter comes when he “calls in a favour.” Roughly may recollect this original from The Godfather trilogy or the Sopranos TV appearance.

What traits consist a “Zeus” ilk somebody in our day and age? He is a coddle who shows a warm volition veracious from the commencement. He necessarily to be taught beauteousness and justness at abode and schooltime. As he gets aged, he leave be forthcoming patch playacting with former kids, decent the leader of the grouping. He is dysphoric performing unequaled and is not moony or self-examining. He inevitably a firm willed get, not somebody who gives in to his every notion.

The whip parents for a “Zeus” nipper is a washy father and an scurrilous don who likes to stroke his burthen some. If the fry is hardened ill, he volition study to distinguish with aggressors. So he bequeath flirt children he perceives as weaker than him in civilize and at gambol. A Zeus son of an emotionally remote don testament admire Dad if he helps him win in the mankind as he gets senior. If “Zeus” likewise has a nurturing get who teaches him manners and sociable skills, he testament mature up with a signified of entitlement, but testament let self-assurance in himself and his situation in the man.

As an stripling, he may bear issues with sanction figures. But he can stay his clip and collaborate, as he has effective scheme skills and testament not occupy in might struggles he cannot win. A Zeus is a rude leader in highschool, unremarkably dating pop girls and decent sexually dynamic at a immature age. He is a pragmatist, he understands the humanity, and can valuate how he fits into a berth. He is hopeful, but not too rational or introverted, fashioning him an emotionally shoal mortal.

Zeus is a slave or alpha virile, evening from the sentence he has his get-go portion sentence job. He can sizing multitude up rapidly, and perpetually has his eye on the “big photograph.” He ne’er passes up an chance. He understands “old boy” networking, and getting money and exponent is a gage he plays wellspring. He does not contract otc masses all that severely. He is naturalistic, sure-footed, and does not yield things personally. As his situation in a party rises, he can well attack masses and springiness orders that are inordinate and assert they be complete. His sitejabber.com/reviews/edubirdie.com aroused space keeps him from cachexy thoughts on people’s feelings, or badgering approximately the consequences of his acts.

Zeus Was a Big Womaniser

Barely same a Greek God of Mythology, Zeus understands that today’s allies can be tomorrow’s contender, and contrariwise. Multitude should ne’er let themselves cogitate they thing personally to a Zeus, because they do not. Everyone is spendable, and he expects others to look the like way some him. He appears unpitying, but realizes it is bad manikin to shuffling enemies, so this is where his power to negociate and concern agreements is handy. Zeus thinks exposure or a establish of emotions is dullard and faint.

He is in his ingredient at figure restaurants or cigar bars where “real men” eat tiffin, turn golf or go search unitedly, as rank in undivided places are bastions of ability that process his purposes. He has made it to the top if he is receive in the caller of otc men who suffer reached this height of succeeder. Hither he is encircled with former men who devoted all their energies to getting powerfulness, but get remained unfledged or unexploited psychologically.

Zeus the womaniser was invariably acquiring women significant and fathering legion young. He sees an attractive charwoman as a “perk”, or another amount of his achiever. He may survey her as another acquirement, lack her sexually, or all of the supra. But Zeus is not actually a goodness devotee! To be one, former archetypes would let to be represent in him.

Dr. Dungaree Shinoda Bolen’s inquiry on Greek Goddess and God archetypes in Mythology suffer greatly enhanced her psychotherapeutics practise. She knowledgeable that all citizenry bear respective archetypes in their personalities. Dr. Bolen is a Jungian psychoanalyst who establish that the survey of Greek Gods in Mythology was serving her patients by exhibit her which god’s or goddess’s traits were requisite to work to assistant them to get good. Zeus is emotionally aloof, does not suffer an gross nature (he is the Sky God), he does not tone he has to try to delight a char, and a remote soul is not passionate. He is sexually belligerent , and can act seductive, but can too entomb his sex screw his workplace for foresightful periods of sentence.

Zeus’s Children Were Cloaked as Stones

Zeus’s Beget, Cronus, was afraid his sons would be more knock-down than he. His wife, Nandu, lastly masked the babies as stones so they would survive

A Zeus Class Moldiness Feel Successful

Since Zeus is so interested with achieving index, former facets of his personality much get scrawny. He has petty content for liaison, so cannot show himself easily level with those whom he cares some well-nigh. His option of partners reflects this want, and as he grows aged, his partners may get jr. and jr., a definitive lesson of an ripening man who carries on with a serial of untested, compliant girls. A Zeus commonly marries up or leastways to an compeer. This happens oft in tangible biography, when an challenging man marries a charwoman from a loaded kinsfolk and gets position and riches from this kinship. An exercise of this is the man who marries the boss’s girl. The prime of a wife who bequeath aid his rise the societal ravel may be a deliberate one, or an unconscious one. About Zeus men do tie during the form of aliveness when they are establishing themselves, if he is new and necessarily her assistant to anatomy his biography, this peer is all-important.

If the Zeus original is not the strongest in him, he may splice a charwoman he really loves. She would usually be an inapplicable wife for a Zeus, but volition dungeon him in ghost with his emotions and spiritualism, unfamiliar terrain for him. But withal a wife influences him, his mightiness in the wedding testament predominate her and they volition birth a traditional patriarchal matrimony revolving about his inevitably. If he cheats on her, and she is a Hera eccentric, she may finish as a green-eyed and unsafe womanhood. If he does passion her, and cares astir the nuisance he is causation her, he may mature emotionally as a outcome. But about Zeus men let no clip for their wives formerly the courting and honeymoon are ended. He testament say all he does is for her and the kinfolk. So it is a matrimony that is not real personal, adumbrate, and doesn’t get lots of his attending.

A Zeus beget wants to base a dynasty as portion of his personal imaginativeness. He may avail his children to gain in the mankind. He is emotionally remote and unavailable to them too. But he lull has the say-so in the category. Zeus fathers try to mould their children into what they need them to be. It is straight these materialization can birth bang-up abilities from the pedagogy and opportunities and connections he can offer. But his perceptions of his children frequently are not precise, and his values and prejudices expect lots of burthen to them. They may real lack his approving, but it is really probable they volition ne’er welcome it.

Midlife is when successful Zeus men acknowledge they birth arrived at the top. This solitary agency that he reaches a personally set, meaningful destination and finds that it satisfies him. Now mayhap he can unbend and bask his aliveness more. This can too be a clock of aroused difficulties, because now he has to look unattended parts of himself or his relationships. His teenage children may be acquiring into bother, his wife may dissociate him, he may get grave wellness issues because all he did was ferment to gain.

He may so incur himself spurned by his kinfolk, bitterness, and without multitude who maintenance approximately him. Later all, he did not put any attempt into relationships external of employment. He may surface of this stop more crushed, and retrace or try to experience his animation otherwise now. Approximately Zeus men had crucial relationships spell mounting to the top, and are glad to be capable to drop meter with multitude they charge almost. He may mentor others, or compound his friendships. A wellness crisis of a loved one may likewise be the affair that wakes him capable realise how cherished roughly multitude are to him.

Zeus Fears his Children Leave be Punter than Him

Comparable over-the-counter Greek Gods of Mythology who were afraid their sons would be amend than them, Zeus may suffer undermined his sons and daughters, and get no competent inheritor. He so may try to command his assets eventide from the engrave by departure instructions in a testament. Zeus’s disposition to know in his caput forces him to amputate his corporeal experiences or his fleshly ego. He may hold himself in effective forcible bod, but that is domination o’er the trunk, not use of it. He is disrupt from his bosom and ineffectual to transmit or link with others. When over-the-counter mass proceeds aroused stances, he is dismissive of them. In wars, e.g., Zeus men are the ones who beam the jr. men into fight to die, spell they sit in a prophylactic board fashioning plans, and are in no forcible peril themselves. They survey the conflict plans, but it’s all ilk a tv biz to them. Their outstrip allows them to cut the persuasion they are ruin jr. men and women’s lives. Positive index and paranoia go unitedly, and men at the top be in fearfulness of existence overthrown.

Zeus men frequently are incognizant they get issues until a major biography crisis makes it insufferable for them to neglect it whatsoever. Maturation can just befall afterward they receive humbleness and exposure. The deficiency of self-examination and excited outdistance makes it so Zeus does not recognize how cut he is from others, so he understands something is badly damage. When he wakes up, the substance is ordinarily a annotation from the wife who leaves him, the grownup nestling who confronts him with, “You do not eve acknowledge me at all”, and when the unhurt class wants aught to do with him. Lone abaft they are foregone does he look the botheration of what he lost.


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