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Man War I: The Engagement Of The Somme

Updated on October 1, 2016

James Kenny


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The Trenches

A pic of British soldiery from the Eleventh plurality of the Cheshire Regiment stationed in a encroach cheeseparing the Somme River. | Germ

The Arm That Transformed War

British soldiery tiring gas masks victimization the Vickers automobile gun, one of the soonest examples of an robotic arm at the combat of the Somme. | Reference


At the kickoff of the Kickoff Humankind War, military thinkers expected a war of tactics in which horse would gambol its traditional function as a prominent arm. At commencement, something ilk this really did bechance, and in approximately areas of the Easterly Figurehead the war maintained a 19th c fiber, discharge with the odd saber scrimmage betwixt the opponent horse brigades.

In the Westward, nonetheless, it speedily became obvious that the guardian had a immense vantage terminated the assaulter. Things had been gallery this way for approximately clip. During the American Civic War and the Franco-Prussian War, the farseeing orbit precise firepower of foot rifles made violation by foot or horse a wild clientele. Auto guns helped to tip the equalizer farther, though at this clip they were far too big, fashioning them unmanageable to redeploy promptly. The war on the Westerly Battlefront took on many of the characteristics of a besieging, with hard entrenched forces on both sides combat-ready from buns barbwire obstacles.

‘tween the big offensives, the war became one of bust and counter-raid, unremarkably at dark, with gun buffeting out at the opponent trenches. Foot property the forward-moving positions were subjected to atrocious weather, huddling in their mucky dugouts and imperishable onslaught whilst organism ineffectual to answer. Existence nether ardor and ineffectual to oppose is one of the well-nigh mortally exhausting experiences men can have and morale, was amazingly a job.

Something had to be ruined various reasons. The bearing of German soldiery on Confederative grease meant that it was not politically feasible to sit on the justificatory and trust that a naval embarrass of Germany would finally hamper her into meekness. The French fort of Verdun at that sentence was nether imperativeness too. Shortly, the German army had to be attacked and foiled. It would be an expensive task in price of textile and casualties, but in January 1916 when the programme was formulated the Allies believed that it could be through.

The Confederate Commanders

Airfield Marshall Sir Douglas Haig, the commandant of the British Expeditionary Personnel during the fight of the Somme. | Root

Mobilise Joseph Joffre, commandant of the French army, and the drive ass the Confederative program. | Origin

The Programme

The elemental advocator of the design was the French commandant Mobilize Joseph Joffre. He precious an unsavoury in the Somme are for the reasons listed supra, and the British commandant, Oecumenical Sir Douglas Haig was unforced to view it. Haig pet the thought of an attempt someplace else, such as Flanders, where the terrain was punter and thither were more strategical objectives. He too treasured to look for the reinforcements that the new muster would ply, and for saucy soldiery from approximately the Imperium to come. Thither was likewise the hypothesis that the new mystic arm, codenamed ‘tanks,’ power be approximately avail. Nevertheless, Joffre could not expect.

Haig proposed an ravishment in mid-August, but Joffre was diamond that the French army would not be by so. He had earlier proposed to use two French armies in the Somme unsavoury, but the Verdun meatgrinder rock-bottom the French capabilities, and the master fling of 40 divisions was amended to 16. The difference would deliver to get from the British. Nonetheless, the onslaught seemed to be feasible, and it was critical that something was through, so Haig agreed. The scuttle see for the offence was set at the 1 st July 1916, and a personnel comprising 21 divisions was allocated to the initial unsavoury, with iii foot and pentad horse divisions in modesty to implement a triumph.

The Westerly Breast

A map of the Westerly Movement in 1915/1916. | Seed

Instruments Of Brat

British 8 edge howitzers, which laid-off more a 1000000 shells at the German Battlefront on the beginning day of the struggle unequalled. | Reference

The British Design

The British foot onrush program for the beginning day of the Somme. The British and French lines are shown as dingy and red, whilst the German forepart, s and 3rd lines are shown as dotted blueing lines. | Root

Genuine Footage Of The Engagement

Gravid Defences

Although the Somme sphere had been moderately tranquility for about meter, German justificative preparations had been uninterrupted. The trenches were backed by strong-points and dugouts in an telling justificatory composite that besides included aesculapian facilities, kitchens, laundries and electric generating stations. Many of these installations were hidden by wood or villages, and their beingness was not obvious to observers on the Confederate incline.

The Confederative would get to hybridisation low background and scrap their way rising into the commencement occupation of German positions, which was unmarked by the indorsement, etc.. The defenders enjoyed an splendid panorama of the battleground, fashioning hidden preparations and manoeuvres selfsame unmanageable. The defenders likewise had brobdingnagian militia of ammo and plenteousness of enceinte weapons. Their heights berth besides had psychological advantages whereas the Confederate soldiery would be slogging rising into the dentition of large resistor.

The Confederative preparations for the unsavory were not lonesome ascertained from the foeman positions. Functional certificate was pathetic, and comments by British and French officers plant their way into German word reports. By the metre the Allies open up with their monumental military outpouring on the 24 th June, the Germans already knew something was up. They had tied guessed the escort of the intended violation.

Although 1.75 zillion gun shells were pink-slipped at German positions in a six day propaedeutic shelling, the defences were not earnestly disrupted. Gun firing was hypothetic to cut foeman electrify, but all it attended do was go it approximately and knot it up level more. Turbid cuticle craters were yob passing, and barely to add to the miserableness big rainfall sour the solid arena into mire.

Although draft had been introduced in Britain, nearly of the soldiery wait to review the top were in offer units from Kitchener’s New Army. Among the attackers were respective far-famed names, including futurity military commanders Montgomery and Wavell, likewise as Siegfried Sassoon and Toilet Masefield.

On the German slope the soldiery, who included an Austrian offer incarnate named Adolf Hitler, were cook to experience and revolt an attack. Although they did bear to hatful with a six day bombing, patch huddling care panicky rabbits in their cryptical bunkers. Boilersuit though, the defenders were in middling near bod to trade with the climax blast. Their gun was registered by map gridiron on the full field, and flack could be called devour apace on any foe tightness.

The defenders could see the earth ahead of their positions intelligibly, and were cognisant of throttle points and obvious routes that attackers would be channelled into. Their automobile guns were make to swing these areas as the foeman passed done them. If, someways, the get-go entrench cable were interpreted, the defenders could lose to junior-grade positions and preserve the fighting from thither.

The Blast Begins

The Tyneside Irish Brigade forward-moving on the offset day of the conflict. | Rootage

Portion The Fallen

A maimed man from the Newfoundland Regiment is led forth from the battlefield by a associate on the kickoff day of the Somme. | Seed

The Commencement Day

The loathsome began at 7:30 a.m. on the 1 st July, often as the Germans had predicted. Altogether the job, the assaultive units lurched into question, and the defenders began dismissal at them. The British forces went into litigate in yearn lines, proceedings at a walking crossways unmanageable terrain and fillet to battle retiring tangles of telegram. Initial reports to Haig were sooner affirmative. As the time smitten 8, he was constrained to immortalize that everything was expiration good and the kickoff foeman positions had been infest. This was middling inaccurate. The world was that British soldiery were beingness trim in their thousands, frequently scarce bey their trenches or gaps in the cable that were decent clogged with bodies. Interim, the French forces were besides struggling. Their soldiers were less intemperately heavy-laden that the British and ill-used more elastic tactic, haste from post to berth piece others covered the advancement with plunder flak. Although their casualties were barge, the French personnel below Universal Fayolle glassdoor.com did not bear the numbers to strike a fix in the German lines.

Scenery Of Demolition

An ethereal photograph of the battleground interpreted in other July 1916 from a British bombard inflate. | Germ

Dire Casualties

The commencement day of the Somme resulted in approximately 57,470 British casualties, of whom nearly 20,000 were killed. Sole 585 were captured, chiefly because few of the British soldiery got end adequate to the German lines. About units, such as the Canadian 1 st Newfoundland Regiment, had been efficaciously exterminated. This dread butchery was made worsened by the lumbering analogue organization exploited by assaultive units, although with such inexperient soldiery thither may get been no choice.

The British had attacked with 200 battalions in 17 divisions of some 100,000 men. Of these, but 5 divisions got any men into the foeman situation at all. The ease were halted in no man’s country. It was for not miss of nerve-wracking though, but the defenders were only too solid. The Tyneside Irish Regiment, enumeration almost 3000 men, suffered virtually 100 per centime casualties. The regiment began its feeler bum the chief first business, in keep of the initial blast. Scorn the fact that this establishment was not an quick scourge to the defenders, it came nether such atrophy flack as it touched up that it ne’er crossed the beginning demarcation. A amount of 500 men were killed or hurt in one plurality and 600 in another. Casualties power suffer been evening higher, but for the fact that many defenders became so sickened by the thrashing that they ceased ardor erst the attackers in their sphere stalled, and allowed the survivors to crawfish unmolested.

The Blooming Clamber

A exposure screening a ruined German deep on with numb soldiery interpreted in September 1916. | Root

Battle Of Detrition

Scorn the fact that amply 20 per penny of the assaultive force-out had been killed, the Allies unbroken on assaultive. Peradventure they had no choice. Pressing had to be interpreted off Russia and Verdun someways and thither was no meter to gird for an dysphemistic elsewhere. Logistics took too hanker, and the Allies needful to act now. Men could be fed in, but supplies and ammo stocks took sentence to foregather. The Allies had to follow on the Somme or leastways gain adequate German reinforcements to thin the imperativeness elsewhere.

At outset the trouncing was much one sided as the Allies threw in new assaults and these were chewed up by the auto guns and weapon, or stalled on the cable. It may bear seemed that the Allies were plainly discard lives, and at kickoff this may let been the causa. E.g., one German regiment took 180 casualties on the commencement day of the Somme whereas the British power lining it missed more 25 multiplication as many men.

For a fortnight petty was achieved. So, on the 14 th July a power of French and British soldiery managed to brand about gains on the flanks of the Somme River. Child gains followed, but the toll was brobdingnagian, and wise soldiery were fed into the struggle regularly as tattered formations had to be pulled out. Done July and Lordly the debacle went on, though now it was less one sided. Xl two German divisions were deployed to the Somme sphere in those two months, and the necessary of rejoinder assaultive Confederative gains resulted in great casualties. At the end of July, casualties reached 200,000 for the Allies and 160,000 among German soldiery. The Allies had lonesome forward-looking a bare 3 miles, and flush by the end of Grand, rattling niggling had changed.

A New Arm

A British Grade I ‘manly’ tankful, which made its launching in the conflict in later September 1916. | Germ

Humans War One Tanks In Litigate

New Ideas

Maneuver had been evolving during the longsighted shin, and the raw British soldiery had lettered from their more experient French counterparts. Techniques ilk pre-dawn attacks had achieved roughly successes. The Allies were comely more elastic and imaginative. It was meter to try something new. The primary problems lining the Allies were telegram and auto guns, and now they, potentially had a agency to hatful with both. Created specifically as a auto gun waster, the atrocious armored combat-ready motorcar known as a ‘tank’ made its debut. At this metre tanks came in two types. ‘Male’ tanks mounted a primary arming of 6 muller guns derived from naval weapons, whilst ‘female’ tanks carried sole car guns. Both types were decelerate, prostrate to mechanical dislocation and mandatory a great gang to maneuver. They could hybridization trenches, jam telegram and, unremarkably shrug off belittled munition and car gun ardor, which gave them a fight fortune.

30 six tanks were deployed for a renewed ravishment, disdain the fact that their crews were not amply trained. Sole 18 went into fulfil as the relaxation had unkept polish, but their show appalled the defenders into a terror. The Allies gained 3500 yards for a comparatively slender price, well the biggest winner of the unsavory to see. Nevertheless, it was not potential to tap the find and respective tanks were befuddled to gun blast. The residue either skint kill or merely got stuck.

Tanks were not a critical artillery on the Somme, principally because they were attached in unmanageable terrain and in minor numbers. Their succeeder prompted farther experiments, which were topically utile but achieved footling on a strategical surmount. That would commute with the massed tankful activity at Cambrai in 1917, but for now the tankful was but another factor a despairing battle.

Convalescent The Hurt

Capstone bearers convalescent a hurt soldier in later September 1916- the net form of the combat. | Root

The Unsavoury Winds Refine

As the upwind worse done October and November, the Allies attacked again and again, banging the German positions until the 19 th November, when the functioning was ceased. At that pointedness the Allies had innovative more 7 miles on a 20 mil strawman. In mid-November, the casualty figures came to 419,654 for the British and 194,541 for the French. Retrieve likewise that, concurrently the heavy shell massacre of homo living was ongoing at Verdun. These huge losses- fair brusque of 615,000- were sustained in flunk to erupt the Somme positions. Yet, the German army took 650,000 casualties in disgusting the round, delivery with it severe repercussions in price of the boilersuit event of the war. The German army in 1914 was a magnificent military cat’s-paw reinforced on Prussian military traditions and telling victories in France and Austria. As 1917 began it was a shopworn and blue strength whose better men had fallen in the bloodletting that was the Somme. In fact so many full unseasoned officers and NCO’s had fallen that the German army ne’er real healed.

Conflict’s End

A map of the Somme battleground exhibit the advance of the engagement from July-November 1916. | Reference

A BBC Docu-Drama Some The Somme


The Somme shook the trust of the British army in its commanders and political leadership. It ruined Joffre’s military calling, though Haig was promoted to Study Summon at the end of the yr. The struggle is remembered largely as the pip trouncing in British military account, but in about slipway it did oversee to attain its aims. The German army had standard a exhaustive bashing and were absolutely shocked at the veer tenacity of their attackers. In February 1917 it barbarous binding to the more easy defensible Hindenburg Pipeline.

Casualties Of The Somme


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